"After a month of CryoTherapy treatments, I have the flexibility and energy like I did in my thirties and I am now in my mid-fifties." -RC, Cuyahoga Heights, Ohio

"I have been suffering from multiple issues which cause me pain.  Most recently my MS has given me more pain and issues that I am accustomed to.  I tolerate pain more than most.  Since doing cryotherapy I am taking far less pain meds.  I am sleeping through the night almost every night.  What used to be distressful memory loss due to illness has less effect upon me lately.  I have less swelling and I can feel my fingers and toes more.  I am in 24/7 agony.  I still have my extreme bad days, however, they are far less frequent.  It also helps because the girls here are so supportive and feel like family.  I will do this forever!" -D.J.   Portage Lakes

"Cryotherapy has helped me recover from my injuries quicker.  It helps reduce inflammation so I can train harder and longer.  In olympic weightlifting staying healthy is the key to a successful career.  Thanks to whole body cryotherapy I'll be competing for years to come." - Michael Walker M.S., USA Level 1, Akron, Ohio


"I have an injured knee. I was limping horribly. Went to CryoTherapy Plus and had whole body cryotherapy as well as localized. WOW! The results are amazing. I have been walking without pain for over a week!". -R.F.., Bath Twp., Ohio


"Absolutely love the CryoFacial.  It is very relaxing and feels wonderful.  My face feels and looks firmer and my fine lines have diminished." -J.O., Aurora, Ohio


"I look forward to my cryo sessions daily. It allows me to get a great start to my day or a jump start to my workout. I have noticed that I am sleeping better since I began my treatments too. I am addicted to the "cryo rush." - JP, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio


"CryoTherapy Plus has been exceptionally helpful to me as I have recovered from knee replacement surgery.  The local therapy to my surgical knee has reduced inflammation and swelling and enabled me to achieve my flexion goals.  The staff is very helpful and courteous.  Stopping after work or physical therapy has become a part of my daily routine!" -SS,  Bath, Ohio


More testimonials will be posted soon!